Geneseo Athletic Communications

Downloadable Rosters/Social Media Information

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 2019 Field Hockey  .DOC  .SRO  @GeneseoFH  @GeneseoFieldHockey
 2019 Men's Soccer  .DOC  .SRO  @GeneseoMSOC  @GeneseoMSOC
 2019 Women's Soccer  .DOC   .SRO    @Geneseowomenssoccer
 2019 Women's Volleyball  .DOC  .VRO  @GeneseoVB  @GSUVB
 2019 Cross Country  .DOC    @SUNYGBelieve  @GeneseoXCTF 
 2019-20 Women's Tennis  .DOC  .XTR  @Geneseo_Tennis  @GeneseoWTT
 2019-20 Men's Basketball  .DOC  .BRO    
 2019-20 Women's Basketball  .DOC  .BRO   @CoachPolosky  @GeneseoBasketball
 2019-20 Men's Ice Hockey  .DOC  .HRO  @GeneseoHockey  @GeneseoIceKnights
 2019-20 Swimming & Diving  .DOC    @Geneseo_BW  @GeneseoBlueWave
 2019-20 Track & Field      @SUNYGBelieve  @GeneseoXCTF 
 2020 Men's Lacrosse  .DOC  .CRO  @GeneseoMensLax   @GeneseoMensLax
 2020 Women's Lacrosse  .DOC  .CRO  @GSUWLacrosse  @GeneseoWomensLax
 2020 Softball  .DOC  .TRO  @GeneseoSB  @GeneseoSB











The Office of Athletic Communications and Media Relations
is responsible for coordinating the publicity and promotion of the 20 intercollegiate teams and over 500 student-athletes, coaches and staff members in the SUNY Geneseo Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation.

Mailing Address: 1 College Circle, Geneseo, N.Y. 14454

Brett Ford - Assistant Director, Athletic Communications & Media Relations
Office Phone: 585-245-6397

Working media members wishing to cover any athletic events at Geneseo must contact the Athletic Communications Office a minimum of three days prior to the day of competition. Requests to video/photograph any Geneseo athletic events must also be submitted to the Athletic Communications Office for prior approval. Any requests to cover/photograph any teams on the road must be submitted to the host sports information office for prior approval. 

All game day and non-game day interviews with any Geneseo student-athletes, coaches or administrators must be requested a minimum of three days prior to the proposed interview time through the Athletic Communications Office. (In the case of breaking news when a three-day lead time is not feasible, requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.) The Director or the Assistant Director will then coordinate accordingly with the individual requested. Please note, while all efforts will be made to accommodate reasonable requests, we reserve the right for individuals to refuse per their own discretion.

When making a request to interview a student-athlete, please be aware that academic endeavors (class, exams, etc.) are given priority when scheduling an appropriate date and time for the interview.

Anyone wishing to stream/broadcast a contest at Geneseo must contact the Athletic Communications Office at least one week in advance of the event. Radio line preference will be given to home broadcasters. All telephones lines take incoming and make outgoing calls, but all broadcasts must be established via an incoming call.

Visit for information about streaming home athletic events online. 

Internet access is available for all contests played at Schrader Gym, Merritt Gym, Alumni Pool, College Stadium, Raschi Field and Alumni Track. Wireless access is available (Network: Geneseo Guest) with a valid email address.

Releases, game notes, advisories, etc. are emailed to media that cover SUNY Geneseo on a regular basis. Media members wishing to be added to the distribution list for a particular sport should contact the Athletic Communications office with an appropriate email address. 

Any reasonable requests for historical/archival information that is not readily available on the department website ( will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis according to priority.  Please note that specific athletic department records/statistics/information may not be available from past seasons due to limited archival information, especially in the early years of the department and each individual program.