Keith Walters' Top 10 Photos of the Winter Semester

After the fall we asked SUNY Geneseo campus photographer, Keith Walters '11, to rank his top-10 photos he captured of Geneseo Athletics for that season. The feature was very popular (as are pretty much all of Keith's photos), so we thought we'd ask him about his favorites from the recently-completed winter season. Below are his selections beginning with number 10 to number one–see if you agree!

10. Pole Vault

This image is from the SUNYAC Championship meet hosted at SUNY Brockport. I enjoy this photo mostly because it turned out to be something I didn't expect from this type of event. Running at full speed and sticking a pole into the ground to launch yourself into the air is something that, at real-speed, looks very tense and action-packed (because it is). This photo, however, really does freeze a moment in time. She looks relaxed and confident that she will clear the bar. I mostly enjoy the expressions that her hands are making — one is already off of the pole and the other is milliseconds away from letting go. Time really slows down in this image.

9. Blue Wave Embrace

I'm always keeping my eye out for moments after the action has ended. In this case, the race had just ended and two members of the women's swim team hugged after viewing the results. Being a Geneseo grad myself, I understand the significance of the friendships and relationships that students build while they're here. This was clearly a meaningful moment between two close teammates and it was just nice to capture it.

8. Brother Buzzer Beater (sort of)

Though this wasn't a buzzer-beater, it was the shot that ended up winning the game. Sophomore guard Kevin Crockett worked around his brother (#10, Matt Crockett of SUNY Oswego) to hit a leaning lay-up in the lane with 2.2 seconds left in regulation to lead the Knights past Oswego in a crazy game.

7. Little Hands

This photo was taken just as the Knights were taking the ice in Lake Placid. I love the little hands reaching out to greet the players. You'll find a lot of young fans in attendance at home hockey games, but to see they traveled hundreds of miles to watch their favorite players take the ice really says something.

6. 23/32 Blue Wave

Members of the blue wave swimming and diving team painted the numbers of Kelsey Annese and Matthew Hutchinson on their backs during the first home meet after losing their classmates. I thought it was a wonderful tribute.

5. Fans Salute

Before the puck dropped for the Ice Knight's first home game after losing their teammate, fans in the student section saluted their fallen classmate by holding up the numbers 32 and 23. This image is striking to me because you really get a sense for the mood that had dominated campus and our small community that week. If you look closely at the faces in the crowd you can see a sense of loss, confusion, sadness and uncertainty. It was a very hard time, but I think having everyone together at the moment really helped the community in moving forward.

4. WBB Together

The campus was still reeling from it's recent loss of Kelsey Annese and Matt Hutchinson when the women's basketball team hosted their first home game since the tragedy. I love this photo because it shows solidarity and perseverance. Holding hands and wearing shirts that read, "We play for you #32" showed the strength that this team drew from one-another to somehow move forward after unspeakable loss.

3. Spring is Coming

A rainbow appeared over the new college stadium shortly before sunset. I thought it was telling that Spring is on the way!

2. Swim Promo

I rented an underwater housing to shoot some promotional photos for the Blue Wave seniors. This is a photo of one of our swimmers diving off the starting block. I love the perspective and lines in this image.

1. Remembrance Ceremony

My number one photo from the winter season is not from an athletic competition. This was the scene at the remembrance ceremony for Matthew Hutchinson and Kelsey Annese. As Geneseo's campus photographer, this was one of the hardest events I ever photographed. Thousands of students, community members and well-wishers came together to grieve after an unspeakable loss. I think this picture is symbolic of the outpouring of community support and love that followed a terrible tragedy. It was a very sad time, but it also showcased what a tremendous community we have.


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