Women's Basketball Offers Eulogy For Kelsey Annese - As A Team

The SUNY Geneseo women's basketball team came together to write a message to be read during the funeral ceremony for their teammate, Kelsey Annese. Every single team member contributed their thoughts and memories of Kelsey that comprised the reading, as was read by senior Dana Cohan on Saturday, Jan. 23 at the United Church of Christ in Webster, N.Y.

Today we stand here with such heavy hearts for someone we love.  

Kelsey’s spirit has not left us. Her kindness, compassion, and leadership are memories we will carry with us and hold dear, but most importantly they are values that we will do our best to embody.

Kelsey was the type of person you strived to be, and we are all better people for knowing her. As a teammate we could always count on Kelsey to do the little things that most of us would overlook. She was always the first to do crunches for missed layups. She was the loudest on the bench. She always knew what to say and when it needed to be said and her smile could change your day. Every single person on this team looked up to her. She was the one who made this team a family. 

Before each season, we are asked to write about what our legacy will be. Kelsey embraced and appreciated the connectedness that she felt within our team and wanted that to continue years after she left. Kelsey wasn’t even aware of how much she contributed to the bond we shared as a team.

We’re so saddened that she was taken from us so soon. We expect a lifetime to last 80 years, but what Kelsey taught us is that a lifetime is not measured in years, but the love, laughter and brilliance you fill it with. We shouldn’t dwell on what she could have been or done, but admire the incredible things she was and did.  

Just because a life has been lost doesn’t mean it was wasted. Her life was full because she made it such. 

So how do we move forward with such heavy hearts? Kelsey said it best after we lost in the Sweet 16, “We may not remember every play or every game, but the bond we share is unforgettable.”

We love you Kels.