Keith Walters' Top 10 Photos of the Fall Semester

We asked SUNY Geneseo campus photographer, Keith Walters '11, to rank his top-10 photos he captured of Geneseo Athletics during the fall 2015 semester. Below are his selections beginning with number 10 to number one, but Walters stated, "If you asked me again, the order would probably change."

10. Sunset Over College Stadium

This photo was taken shortly after the completion of College Stadium. I'm a sucker for Geneseo sunsets, so it was only natural to incorporate the two together.

9. Swimming & Diving Promo

Sometimes I get to work with student-athletes for cool promotional shots. For this photo I asked senior swimmer Kala Wilkins to pose for a shot in our studio. The idea was to have her out of focus underneath a series of water drops that would be the focal point of the picture. I haven't decided if I like the photo like this, or flipped. To make this photo, I ordered a slate of plexi glass and sprayed it with rain-x from a local auto parts store. I then took a spray bottle and added the water to the plexi-glass and had Kala pose underneath.

8. Rainbow

In addition to competition and action photos, I always try to be on the lookout for photographs that showcase the atmosphere, venue or fans. This is a perfect example of weather working out in my favor when a rainbow appeared before our field hockey game against Ithaca (Oct. 28).

7. Tutton's First Collegiate Goal

I like this photo for both context and composition. Context: This photo is moments after first-year forward Brodie Tutton scored his first collegiate goal (Dec. 4 vs. Potsdam). Composition: This incorporates all the elements that showcase a goal: Our player celebrating, the dejection of the goalie, the referee pointing at the goal and the puck.

6. D'Amico's Game-Winner

This is a favorite of mine because it showcases a game-winning goal in double-overtime versus RIT (Oct. 7). There are actually three photographs that show the sequence of this play unfolding, but this is my favorite of the three.

5. Getting Checked Into The Boards

I love and hate this photo for two reasons: I love the reaction of the fans faces on the other side of the glass, and I hate the fact that it had to be our player taking the hit.

4. Teddy Bear Toss

The Teddy Bear Toss has quickly become one of my favorite Geneseo traditions. I love the juxtaposition of macho hockey players with fluffy stuffed animals flying through the air.

3. Men's Basketball Celebration

Sometimes the best photos come after the action ends. This shot was taken after junior guard Justin Ringen scored a three-pointer with 2.9 seconds on the clock to lift Geneseo over Nazareth, 83-81, in the first round of the Wendy's College Classic (Dec. 2). The photo itself is a little soft, but the emotions shine through well enough for me to include it as one of my favorites of the semester.

2. Women's Soccer Header/Celebration

I had to include these two as a series. The first shot is of women's soccer junior midfielder Laurie Knapp heading in a free kick, which ended up being the game-winning goal in a 1-0 victory over Cortland (Oct. 17). The second photo is of the celebration. I chose to shoot the celebration shot wide to incorporate the other team's reaction, which I think adds to the photo.

1. Campion Header

My favorite photo of the fall 2015 semester is one of men's soccer senior captain, Brad Campion. This night game versus Nazareth (Sept. 29) was a washout, but luckily with the new turf we were allowed to continue play. Photographing in the elements always adds a dynamic look to the image and in this case, the rain being backlit by the stadium lights adds some drama to the shot.


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