Frequently Asked Questions

What is Knight Time?
Knight Time is a free mobile app that allows fans to receive points based on events and activities that they attend. The points can then be used to earn rewards ranging from t-shirts to $150 Barnes & Noble giftcards. Open to all students, faculty and staff, the app can be easily downloaded onto an iPhone or Android.

How do I earn points?
Earning points through Knight Time is easy. Simply open the app, create an account (if you haven’t already), and check out the “Events” page. Here you will find all the events on campus that you can earn points from attending. Once you arrive at the event, click on that event under the “Events” page and check in! Points will then be added to your overall score.

Do I keep the points I accumulate forever?
No-- points reset at the end of each academic year, which means you will start back at 0 points every fall and must start earning points all over again!

What kinds of prizes can I win?
Prizes will vary from academic year to academic year, but for 2017-2018, we are offering Knight Bobbleheads (Level 1), Knight Time T-Shirts (Level 2), a $75 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (Level 3), and a $150 Barnes and Noble Gift Card (Level 4). 

Where can I pick up my prize?
Once you reach a certain level based on the points you earn from attending various Knight Time events, bring your phone to the Campus Bookstore and show the rewards page to the cashier. They will then give you your prize!

What other fun thing can I do with the Knight Time app?
Coming soon, there will be opportunities for you to earn points by posting photos of you and your friends at Knight Time events, by tweeting at us, etc. These developments are coming within the next year, so stay tuned!