Equestrian Finishes Sixth at St. Lawrence in Season's Final Team Show

CANTON, N.Y.– SUNY Geneseo junior Jillian VanBrunt had her second Novice Flat win of the weekend, while sophomore Samantha Childs and senior Emma Witherwax were victorious in their respective fences classes, helping the Knights to sixth-place finish at St. Lawrence Sunday. Geneseo totaled 25 points for the show, which was won by the host Saints with 37.

Childs had a first-place ride in Novice Fences, while Witherwax took her class in Intermediate Fences. Senior Emily Lindsay (Intermediate Fences) and junior Cassandra Ingalls (Open Flat) were joined by junior Amy Kelley (Intermediate Fences) with second-place finishes. Senior Grace Floros competed for the first time at Novice Flat after previously pointing out and claimed a third. 

Geneseo ended the Zone 2, Region 2 eight-show slate in fifth place with 229 points, behind St. Lawrence (316), Cazenovia (310), Oswego (237) and Guelph (231). It was the sixth-consecutive title for the Saints.

St. Lawrence will host the upcoming Regional Championships on April 2. Geneseo had 11 riders qualify throughout the season in 14 classes: Childs (Advanced Walk Trot Canter), Floros (Advanced Walk Trot Canter), junior Elizabeth Hasho (Advanced Walk Trot Canter), junior Tessa Horn (Walk Trot), Kelley (Novice Fences), Lindsay (Novice Flat and Novice Fences), senior Katherine Nickels (Intermediate Flat and Intermediate Fences), senior Jordan Powers (Novice Flat), VanBrunt (Advanced Walk Trot Canter), senior Jenelle Wallace (Advanced Walk Trot Canter) and Witherwax (Novice Fences and Novice Flat).

Team Result: 6th (25 points) of 9 teams

Individual Results (* Point Riders):

Dominique Brown: 3rd in Walk Trot*

Rebecca Caracciolo: 6th in Open Fences* and 6th in Open Flat

Samantha Childs: 1st in Novice Fences and 3rd in Novice Flat

Emily DelSignore: 3rd in Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Grace Floros: 3rd in Novice Flat

Tessa Horn: 4th in Beginner Walk Trot Canter*

Cassandra Ingalls: 5th in Novice Fences* and 2nd in Open Flat

Amy Kelley: 2nd in Intermediate Fences

Emily Lindsay: 2nd in Intermediate Fences*

Tessa LiVoti: 6th in Novice Flat

Katherine Nickels: 3rd in Open Fences and 4th in Open Flat*

Jordan Powers: 5th in Novice Fences

Megan Pierpoint: 4th in Advanced Walk Trot Canter

Jillian VanBrunt: 3rd in Novice Fences and 1st in Novice Flat*

Emma Witherwax : 1st in Intermediate Fences and 3rd in Intermediate Flat